SVL Men´s Havana Leather New Castle Boot


Details of the product:

  • New Castle line
  • Latego leather
  • Havana color
  • Sheepskin leather lining that helps perspiration in the feet.
  • Foam insole lined with leather and high impact absorption.
  • EVA | EXTRALIGHT® sole technology

XL EXTRALIGTH® features a patented formula for producing high-quality EVA outsoles - which results in an extremely soft, lightweight and flexible material. EXTRALIGHT® outsoles weigh 45% less than conventional sole materials. This enables men to enjoy total day-to-day comfort with these shoes on their feet.

- Lightweight and flexible
- Extremely durable, resistant to water, ultraviolet rays and discoloration after long use
- Absorbs well the impacts of everyday walking
- Made of a sealed material, which means it does not absorb external agents that can be abrasive to the material
- Resistant to lower temperatures
- Eco-Friendly product: made through a process of reusing industrial waste and recycled components and does not use solvents and metals in its composition.