We are a Brazilian industry in the countryside of São Paulo state that has been producing men's shoes with technology of comfort since 2005. Savelli is a family company that aims to deliver high quality products. We are since our beginning, an export factory and today we are present in all 5 continents: 48 countries, including Brazil.

SVL is an abbreviation of Savelli. Savelli, brand inspired in a small Italian province with the same name. Italy is the country with the best reputation in the design of footwear.

Quality, diversity and commitment to the customers have been present since the beginning of our work. Today we have 200 employees who make more than shoes, they are people who come together for a common purpose.

In addition, our intense concern to deliver fashion, trend comfort and quality are premises of our work. We have more than 40 inspectors involved from the beginning to the end of the footwear journey. Handmade finishing is one of our main differentials and our factory structure is ready to guarantee a high-level delivery to our customers.  




We believe that our mission is not just to produce shoes, it is also to impact the world with an intense work of social responsibility. Our behavior as an industry reflects on the society not only in the generation of jobs, also in the human and social development of our community.

For this reason, we are actively dedicated to actions that creates a better world for our employees and their families. In the last years, we have created a library for our team, we have access to undergraduate education and an English school, we also created an academy for training leaders and we involve our employees in social projects.

We like to say that our business is focused on people. That is the reason we encourage and help everyone to have conditions to develop and discover themselves.

As we care for the environment, we also developed internal cleaning and organization projects, reusing raw materials, saving water and energy and correctly disposing of industrial waste. Constant practices that allow a better work environment and that proposes an empathic vision with the planet.

We will always trace our journey thinking in our impact in the world. Therefore, although we are far from reaching the ideal sustainable development plan, we will continue to follow this important path, focusing on our purpose of being a company that understands its role in society.